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Give the gift of a knife making experience! We have some very nice gift certificates for that special someone. They were made on an antique letter press in the Seaport of NYC and each one is individually water colored for some extra pizzaz.

Please read the ‘additional info’ section to help you decide which kind/amount of gift certificate to purchase.

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Additional Info

We usually make gift certificates out in one of two ways, we work with an exact style you want, or go by length and let your giftee figure it out, which is actually most of the fun for them. So the certificate would either read something like, ‘Custom 9” Full Tang Chefs Knife’, or ‘14 inches of custom steel’, (for example). We could also provide/write it for a specific dollar amount, usually people don't want that but it is of course an option. Just contact us at to discuss any specific amount you may want.

To determine how much steel you should gift:

Decide what blade length of knife you want, then add 5” inches for the handle to yield an “Over All Length” (OAL) and multiply by $40 - this is how we price our custom knives for the templated design process (“stock removal) for full-tang knives which is our most popular gifting choice by far. If you look at our “blueprints gallery” page you can see the over all dimensions on many of the different styles. Almost any other ‘knife speak’ is only referred to by the blade length - don’t let that confuse you! We put “OAL” after the length if it refers to the measurement of the over all length of the knife which means it includes the blade length + the handle length. Welcome to knife making!

Our most popular choice is a full tang Chef's knife which has a blade length of approximately 9" and is 14" in over all length making it $560.00 .

From there when your giftee reaches out to us (there is an email address on the certificate) we will collaborate with them on all of the finer design details on what they want in there knife, right down to metal type, handle colors, and materials. As the process starts they will receive photo updates along the way detailing whats happening with their knife specifically.

This online shop is kind of funky to make work will all of the variables that exist with custom knives. If you have any questions whatsoever please send an email to so we can get you exactly the gift certificate you are looking for.