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Hand Forged Knife with Lure Saya


“I have been fascinated by the sense of potential and hope that fishing offers. The bright colors, dynamic shapes, and exciting names suggest the satisfaction of reeling in a giant fish from the inscrutable depths of dark waters. This has also been my primary inspiration for my work; I create gigantic fishing lure sculptures made from carved wood or welded steel, brightly painted and with welded steel hooks in the style of my version of traditional lures.

It was only a matter of time before I incorporated my sculpted lures with Feder Knives; I had no choice in the matter. “

Also, This blade was forged on the middle of a frozen lake at midnight during a full moon.

This 1084 Carbon Steel hidden tang knife has a blade length of 8.5” and is 14.75” total. It is 1/4” at the thickest part of the spine and is a distal taper to the tip with a double bevel edge and is 9.28 oz - not including the saya.

Handle is stabilized flame maple with a walnut ferrule

The saya is carved pine hand painted with acrylic and finished with 5 coats of lacquer - there is no retention pin. This is a hardy but sculptural piece for displaying the knife, it isn’t something you necessarily want to toss in a drawer with a bunch of other edged instruments.

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forged with lure saya 2.jpg
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