The variety of techniques utilized to construct our blades


“templated” design / stock removal

We develop a design and profile of a knife by first drawing a blueprint of it. We then trace a pattern on a stick of steel and cut out using band saw. W then heat treat the steel grind to the proper profile. Here we use either stainless steel or high carbon steel to make either a full tang or hidden tang style knife.



“Forging” is literally the process of ‘moving’ metal - as opposed to removing it by sawing, drilling or grinding as in the stock removal process.

Hand hammered carbon steel is used to create the profile of the knife. Both full and hidden tang knifes are available utilizing this technique as well as and integral style knives.



High carbon and high nickel steels are weld forged together to create dynamic patterns by folding and twisting the metals together. At the end of the knife making process the knife is dipped into ferric chloride acid which etches one of the metals and leaves the other alone which makes the pattern visible.